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Bad News, Everyone... 
21st-Jun-2007 05:07 pm
Hi, sorry there's been a delay!

My fiance wrecked our 2001 Galant on Sunday, and we've been picking up the pieces every since. Every day has been a trial, and yesterday I took my 1989 Century to pick up my personal things out of the wrecked car at the auto body shop and I broke down at the beginning of the return trip... so, my second car is in the shop and my first car is now up to be smushed.

I went car shopping today, though, and I'm home alone for the first time in a week! So, things are looking up and I plan to get everything here straightened out by tonight or tomorrow morning.

Oh, I also had a job interview and I'm 95% sure I'm being hired... so, that all factors in.

Again, please excuse my random absence and thanks so much for the patience.

22nd-Jun-2007 11:25 am (UTC)
Oh, my!!!I wondered where you were, I hope noone got hurt when your car was wrecked!:oTake your time,my dear and I hope you can find a new car soon!!

And congrats on the job interview!!:DHere's to you getting hired!;)
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